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FREE online event in 4 parts

Forgiveness: Why-What-How

July 3 WHY: Why should we forgive? Why does the person who hurt me even deserve it (or do they)?

July 10 WHAT: What is the benefit of forgiving? What is it really and what isn't it? What's getting in the way of releasing it?

July 17 WHEN: When will I know that it's time to forgive? When will I know that I've really let it go? 

July 24 HOW: How does the wound of unforgiveness affect me and my relationships? How do I forgive them? Myself?

Wednesdays in July at 3PM ET / 8PM UK / 12PM PT

Each live session is 20 mins of 20 mins of powerful conversation on this fascinating but sometimes controversial subject -

followed by 10 mins of Q&A from you!

Hosted by two leading international forgiveness coaches:

1st 20 to RSVP

Receive a free gift of BOTH Mark's and Barbara's books!


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Barbara J Hunt (UK)

Forgiveness specialist, transformational coach, mentor, speaker, workshop leader, integral musician, and bestselling author of Forgiveness Made Easy.

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Mark Goodman (US)

Forgiveness coach, keynote speaker, Dir of 70x7 Path to Forgiveness, and author of Forgiving A Good Man - an abuse survivor’s journey of freedom through forgiveness

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