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Mark's Personal Story of Forgiveness

Mark Goodman has captivated thousands of people with his personal journey of forgiveness. He's mastered the ability to combine his personal story and spiritual guidance in a way that inspires, motivates, and touches the heart. His message is great for people hanging on to pain, shame, or blame from past hurt to help lead them on their path to forgiveness. The forgiveness message leads the listener to be fully alive without the chains of anger and resentment.  Your audience will be left awestruck and inspired. 


Our Story


70x7 provides a destination point for people hanging on to pain, shame, and blame from past hurt to help them on their personalized path to forgiveness so they can be fully alive without the chains of anger and resentment.​

We believe in the power of forgiveness. We help others find the freedom to release the baggage of pain, shame, and blame.

Our Board of Directors consists of leaders in the community committed to making a difference in the lives of those who are seeking help.

Meet The Board

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Mark Goodman

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Executive Director

Co-Founder of Hello Donor Inc


Mike Willett

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Finance Director

EY Americas Tax Markets & Business Development


Louis Strydom

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Tech Director

CEO at Input Technologies


Glenn Pearson

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Spiritual Advisor

Author & Speaker

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Adam Dukes

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Movie & Documentary Director

CEO of Super Chief Productions


Dean Cowart

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Organizational Director

CEO of Cowart Residential & Forgiveness Advocate

Mike Teston Headshot.png

Mike Teston

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Board Chair & Spiritual Director

Pastor & Founder of CoreRelations

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