Could You Forgive This?

70x7 Forgiveness Interview

What would you do? Could you forgive this?

This week we interviewed Sharon G, who at age 21 was kidnapped and raped by a serial murderer / rapist. Her abductor will be in jail for life and is so evil that he was interviewed by Morgan Freeman for the National Geographic documentary for the episode titled Why Does Evil Exist that aired Wednesday night.

Sharon was incredibly brave as she shared her story with 70x7 - not just what happened to her by him, but what this did to her her self-worth, ability to trust, ability to have a relationship with God, and how this changed her life journey.

We asked if she could ever forgive this man - not just for what he did to her but also to the families of the other victims of which she has become friends.

Sharon shared that she would love to learn how to forgive him since she knows that the weight of seeking revenge holds her down and causes so much pain, shame and blame. She even shared that this bitterness and unforgiveness keeps her from having a relationship with God.

Sharon is on her own path to forgiveness.

This powerful story of Sharon's journey will be shared at our Why Forgiveness event on Nov 30th.

Please pray for Sharon to have the strength and peace on her journey, her path to forgiveness.