Forgiveness University is a free site consisting of easy-to-follow online courses that give you a step-by-step guide to forgiving. At Forgiveness University, we believe every human can find forgiveness for themselves or others in order to be free from pain, blame, or shame. We believe there are different paths and journeys to forgiveness, but there are proven steps we all must walk to find freedom. We believe forgiveness can be found through basic truths that have nothing to do with your background, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, race, or physical abilities.

About Forgiveness University

Forgiveness University is a free online resource for individuals searching for practical courses on how to forgive. Our mission is to help an individual identify what type(s) of forgiveness is needed in their lives and to guide them to achieve discernible forgiveness.

We have identified 4 types of forgiveness and have created 4 online paths based on these types. We call them The Big Four. 


> Forgiving someone else who wronged you

> Forgiving yourself for what you did to someone else 

> Forgiving yourself for what you did to yourself 

> Forgiving God (your circumstances, your Higher Power)

Psychology, ministry, and empirical evidence tell us that there is no ONE WAY or ONE PATH to forgiveness. There are so many factors that determine the proper path.


We’ve gathered together an amazing team of people to build out the university including some of the best Bible Scholars and Clinical Psychologists in the business of forgiveness.

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